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What's in Your Pack? First Aid SuppliesOutdoor adventure requires self sufficiency, especially when it comes to patching up scrapes and cuts and keeping a broken limb immobile. But miles from the nearest clinic, is no time to take your health for granted. Whether you plan to hike two...Read More
What's in Your Pack? Water FiltersIf you have the right pack, clothes and gear you can hike the trails all summer. But unless you have proper hydration, your trek could end abruptly - and tragically. Getting enough fluids into your body to counteract the effects of sweating is...Read More
What's in Your Pack? Eco-Friendly ClothingWhen it comes to the right clothing for my outdoor summer activities, I strike a balance between comfort, durability and style. I'm a guy, so I wear clothes until they've become threads. I'm choosy when it comes to making purchases for camping -...Read More
What's in Your Pack? Flashlights When I hit the trails, I set out to explore uncharted territory. Traipsing through wooded areas thrills me as much as scouring a new city in a far flung country on foot. I never know what awaits me around each corner or tree stump, and it's just...Read More
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Far from the clamor of civilization, modern nomads are obsessed with exploring the unpaved corners of our shrinking planet. For budget and binge travelers, globetrotters and armchair adventurists alike, the Nomadik Community clears a path to outdoor life. Drawing on our collective passion, experience and knowledge, Nomadik is your passport to expanding your wilderness horizons.

Nomadik is all about escaping tourist traps and getting down to what really matters to you – not the travel agent. Whether urban relief is a Zen retreat or an unforgettable adrenaline rush, we cater to outdoor adventure seekers of every nature. Roaming a National Park on foot, exploring backcountry in a motorhome, or sailing into the mystic? With a little planning, a healthy attitude toward safety and a bit of know-how, the path to your great outdoor dreams is just clicks away. And we're betting once you find it, you might just want to bury your return ticket.

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Glacier National Park
Deep within the misty realm of tidewater glaciers is a world most people only dream of visiting. And it's about as far away from civilization as you can get. Activities range from kayaking to hiking, but whatever you choose, keep your eyes peeled for bears and whales – they love the place.