Five Things You Don't Know About Me

Angela at tagged me. If you haven't heard of this new internet game, once tagged you post five things about yourself that other people don't know. Since I've already fessed up about my inability to hang glide, you might not be surprised to find that:

1. I once got slapped by a wild kangaroo on what should have been a soft outdoor adventure. I'll blog in detail when I'm feeling stronger.

2. I was the only person out of the hundred who got sea sick on a boat tour of The Great Barrier Reef. It was so bad that I threw up while snorkeling and slept through most of the trip. (I will NOT blog in detail about this. Use your imagination.)

3. I have such a bad sense of direction that I once got hopelessly lost in Harrods. It took me almost an hour to find my way out and when I eventually escaped, I inadvertently exited through a side door and wound up in an alley - hopelessly lost again. It took another two hours to find my way to the tube system.

4. I am terrified of spiders and once slept on the sofa for two nights to avoid the eight-legged monster that had invaded my bedroom.

5. I'm named after the heroine in Jeffery Farnell's novel, "The Broad Highway." She's feisty, green-eyed and buxom. Two out of three ain't bad…

So to Jodi at Bloomingwriter and Steve who's Angry in The Great White North – Tag, you're it!

Charmian Christie,
Outdoor Adventure Expert

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