Outdoor Adventure - An Oscar-Worthy Wake-Up Call

I finally saw An Inconvenient Truth this weekend. If anyone had told me earlier that watching Al Gore give a slideshow for ninety minutes would be a riveting experience, I would have rolled my eyes and said something along the lines of "Sure, dude, whatever you say." But there I was... riveted.

It's not like I didn't already accept the reality of global warming, and I've always believed that I do my best to help protect the environment. I reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible. I run the dishwasher only when I have a full load. And I've been known to chase a piece of errant tissue halfway down the block to avoid littering.

But after watching the movie, I realize that I've really got to make a conscious effort to do more. After all, it's people like us-people for whom the natural world is a true haven-that have the most at stake. As shocking as the data and the charts and the computer simulations presented in the film are (and they're staggering!), it was the actual footage of the visible changes that are currently taking place on the planet that made me realize just what's at risk. Could anyone watch massive chunks of Antarctica plunging into the sea or see how the vibrant colors of coral reefs are being bleached out of existence not be moved to action?

So I urge anyone who hasn't seen the documentary yet to do so as soon as possible. And, in the meantime, pay a visit to the official website, to learn what changes we can make today to reverse the course of global warming. Because if there's one message I take away from this movie, it's that we already have all the knowledge, technology, and ability we need to solve this problem. Now all we need is the will.

Elizabeth Kricfalusi,
Miss Adventure

Posted by Labatras on March 18,2007 at 9:50 AM
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