Outdoor Life Guide to Winter Camping - Where to sleep

If you plan to spend a whole night sleeping outside in the winter, your choice of shelter is very important. Even if you have a quality tent, you'll need to find a location that will protect you from the elements - especially if the mercury plummets at night.  Here is a list of things to look for when scoping out a place to sleep:

  • Find a small clearing big enough for your tent - make sure it's not slopped or riddled with potholes.
  • Clear away rocks, logs or sticks before setting up your tent.
  • Seek out a natural shelter from the wind to help keep you warm all night - a large rock, hill or trees.
  • Look for an area where the trees still have snow on them - a good indication that the wind doesn't blow strong in that area.
  • Ensure nearby trees are solid and not likely to topple in a windstorm - steer clear of dead and leaning trees.
  • Source out water nearby, but since it's snowy this isn't that important.

Build up an area for a fire - again a sheltered area out of the wind is important.

Kim Bowerman,
Nomadik Personal Fitness Expert

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