Another Reason to Put Hemp on Your Head?

I like to keep my travel gear simple. And honestly, do you really need a sequential guide for benign tasks - like using a hand sanitizer? I have to admit, investing in a Tilley travel hat that comes with an instruction manual scared me at first.

But as soon as I got my hands on a Tilley Hemp Hat, I felt like I'd been handed the secret decoder ring to an underground society.

Not only does it come in a brownish green color that repels dirt when hiking outdoor trails, this baby can't be wrinkled. I've wrung it out, balled it up and shoved it into the tightest of corners in my back pack, yet it comes out looking smashing every time.

It's virtually indestructible too. The natural hemp fabric is resistant to UV light, mold and salt water. Plus it'll float if it slips off while I'm out on the water.

I love the 'secret' pocket at the top of my hat. It's a great place to stash a few bucks when I'm on the beach or a key when I don't have any pockets in my shorts. But I've also found it's a great place to store my MP3 player and a pad and paper - you never know when inspiration will strike.

Getting this hat has made me realize a few things - hemp is a great material for travel clothing and eating a little crow from time to time isn't so bad - especially when it works to my advantage!

Now I have a nice and simple Hemp Hat for my upcoming trips, the only one I've ever had that comes with an owner's manual. And I'm okay with that.

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James W. Coates,
National Park Expert

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