Meet My Virtual Trainer – Susan, Oh The Insanity, Susan

New Year's resolutions gone stale? If you swore you'd break free from the grind and be more than a weekend warrior this year, let me tell you about my new best friend - Motionlingo's Adeo fitness trainer GPS device.

This thing is like the energizer bunny and Susan Powter all rolled into one powerful kick-ass coach. It plugs into my iPod (or MP3 player) and uses GPS technology to track my distance and calories while I'm outside - oh the insanity.

The first time I used my Adeo, it took a few minutes for the GPS unit to initially communicate with any satellites but when it did, eight satellites were diligently monitoring my progress. I looked up (it took some time to get past the creepy feeling) and realized my simple walk had become a mission - I chose to accept.

Not long after setting off, Susan told me I had completed less than a mile. When I started to slow, she shamed me into lifting my feet a little higher.

After the first mile the "GPS that talks" told me I had burned nearly 100 calories. I figure this was an average amount since she never asked my age or my weight - but hey you can't beat burning an extra 300 calories an hour on a Monday night!

I listen to music when I'm jogging or walking, so I was pleased that Susan encouraged me without interfering with my listening pleasure. She did make me turn the volume down, but at least she didn't comment on my taste in music...

I love the simplicity in Adeo's design. Only a few buttons to push for any "forced" information. And she charges directly from my computer's USB port.

It may just be me, but having a voice in my head egging me on and encouraging me to stretch out my walk is the perfect way to be true to those resolutions. I can tell this is the start of a beautiful relationship...........

James W. Coates,
National Park Expert

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