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A 10, 000 mile bike-tour around the perimeter of the U.S is an overwhelmingly impossible task for even seasoned athletes. But Paul Sanchez did it. And now he's using his amazing accomplishment to raise money and awareness for children with learning disabilities and dyslexia.

Here's the deal....

Paul has 8 wishes he's hoping will be fulfilled within 30 days, and all of those wishes revolve around helping kids who struggle with learning. We especially love that supporting this cause is as easy as watching a video. Now that's sweet, right?

What are you waiting for? Watch the video below and support the cause.

Julia Rosien,
Nomadik Editor

Posted by Paul Sanchez on February 7,2007 at 4:09 AM
Thanks for posting about my cause.  There is a new deadline which is march 8th and ther is a new video too.  Come on by to see the new video.  Take care,

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