Support Smoking Ban – What Do You Think?

Turns out smoking bans are a national firestorm of anguish. Half the planet is breathing a sigh of relief, knowing they're not chowing down on carcinogenic-addled food at their favorite restaurants.

Everyone else is thoroughly ticked. What right does the government have to worm its way into individual habits? As long as it's not illegal...

You already know my thoughts on smoking bans, but in the spirit of free speech, I'm bringing the blogosphere to you. Are they right or all washed up?

Got a Light?

The Stogie Guys say the ban is just another paternalistic infringement on individual liberty and property rights.

Parenthetically says he hates the smoking ban - which is pretty clear from his post.

On Milwaukee hates smoking but supports smoker's rights.

Thank You for Not Smoking...

Fort Wayne Observed likes being able to see the sky without smoking getting in his eyes.

Juice says Minneapolis is still a great party town - despite the smoking ban.

News Record Editor thinks it's pathetic that some people can't kick their addiction for an hour at a restaurant.

More importantly, what do you think?

Julia Rosien,
Nomadik Editor

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