What's in Your Pack? Eco-Friendly Clothing

When it comes to the right clothing for my outdoor summer activities, I strike a balance between comfort, durability and style. I'm a guy, so I wear clothes until they've become threads. I'm choosy when it comes to making purchases for camping - they have to last a long time.

In keeping with Nomadik's environmental consciousness, I've added sustainability to my list of priorities. For this summer season, I've found two clothing companies that fit all my criteria.

  • Planet Earth has spent the last two years developing a line of clothing stitched from natural, organic or sustainable fibers. They recognize that their actions "affect the overall welfare of the planet" and in the process, they've fashioned tough, sporty garments. Even better, they don't bunch up when I'm out running, biking or blading - very important. I've tested out the Ashton denim, Hailey long sleeve shirt, Sprout Board shorts as well as a couple of T-shirts. The materials feel great next to my skin and continue to bounce back repeatedly even though I've put them through the wringer. For more information or to place an order visit Planet Earth's Green Label.
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op has long been a favorite adventure-clothing supplier of mine. MEC makes adventure clothing from canoeing to biking - and their snow pants kept me toasty warm this winter as I flew through the trees in Mount Tremblant.  The company holds a strict philosophy of ethical sourcing and garment recycling and even donates portions of their profits to environmental causes. Need I say more?For more information or to place an order visit Mountain Equipment Co-op.

What's in your pack?

Feel free to add to this list. Whether you're a dedicated boulderer, a crazed canoe-camper or an intrepid weekend warrior, the items in these basic categories will get you through the trail.

James W. Coates,
National Park Expert

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