What's in Your Pack? First Aid Supplies

Outdoor adventure requires self sufficiency, especially when it comes to patching up scrapes and cuts and keeping a broken limb immobile. But miles from the nearest clinic, is no time to take your health for granted. Whether you plan to hike two miles from home or to the tip of the Himalayas, pack a first aid kit.

For my gear guides I've chosen three different kinds of first aid kits designed for different activities. Remember that homemade first aid kits work just as well - as long as you keep them topped up with fresh supplies and bring them on the trail.

  • Coleman Survival Kit - Coleman takes basic survival items and packages them together in one tight parcel. Perfect for hiking, biking or even camping, this kit includes everything from an emergency poncho and blanket to keep you warm when lost in the woods, to a signal whistle and waterproof matches. For more information visit Coleman Survival Kit.
  • Day Pack First Aid Kit - First Aid supplies online has taken the day back and loaded it up with bandages, insect sting relief pads, lip balm and reusable zipper bags. I like that you have everything at your fingertips, but if weight is a concern, tailor it to fit your needs for the day. For more information visit First Aid Supplies Online
  • Adventure Medical: Peddler First Aid Kit - This kit not only comes in a completely resealable, waterproof pouch, it includes Aquaseal, an adhesive used to repair drysuits, wetsuits and sprayskirts. The list of items ranges from basic bandages and waterproof matches to latex surgical gloves, forceps for removing splinters or ticks as well as a biohazard label. I recommend this kit for the serious boater or anyone involved in water sports this summer. For information on ordering visit Altrec.

What's in your pack?

Feel free to add to this list. Whether you're a dedicated boulderer, a crazed canoe-camper or an intrepid weekend warrior, the items in these basic categories will get you through the trail.

James W. Coates,
National Park Expert

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