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Camping and hiking are very popular activities and the appeal of these outdoor-life pursuits continues to grow at an exponential rate. As you may have discovered or will discover, there are a multiplicity of camping and hiking equipment and gear manufacturers who specialize in researching and developing the camping and hiking equipment you need to enjoy your life in the outdoors. Camping and hiking equipment manufacturers vary in age and experience, and generally specialize in the production of specific types of camping and hiking equipment. Selecting a manufacturer and/or brand can be a daunting challenge, especially if you are a novice outdoor-life enthusiast who is only beginning to discover the joys and rewards of camping and hiking.

The Nomadik Camping Equipment Brand Directory is designed to provide the camping and hiking community with a brief description of several of the leading manufacturers and brands in the camping and hiking industry. Although several camping & hiking manufacturers and brands - such as The North Face, Sierra Designs, and Big Agnes - have a strong brand presence in the industry, there are many smaller camping and hiking manufactures and brands - such as Mountainsmith, Arc'Teryx, and Mountain Hardwear - that have much smaller brand recognition, but, nonetheless, produce high-quality gear.

The manufacturer and brand descriptions in the Nomadik Camping Equipment Brand Directory include background information, design philosophy, the product focus, and salient features of the various manufacturers and brands referred to in Nomadik's Equipment and Gear section. All of the camping and hiking manufacturers and brands outlined in Nomadik's Brand Directory are industry leaders, and produce camping and/or hiking equipment that will meet or exceed the demands of the most discerning camping and hiking enthusiast.

Whether you are a novice, intermediate, or advanced outdoor-life enthusiast and camping and hiking practitioner, Nomadik strongly encourages you to use the brand directory to educate yourself about the manufacturers and brands that are available to you. The more informed you are about the camping and hiking manufacturers and brands landscape; the more easy it will be to successfully purchase the equipment and gear you want and/or need.

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