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Getting your adventure gear on

Nomadik Fanatiks began their love of the outdoors as kids camping in the backyard in a flimsy canvas tent that offered as much rain protection as a mosquito net. Thankfully outdoor gear has evolved, and while fun is still on the menu, safety, reliability and durability rank just as high. Unless you're still camping in your parents' yard, getting the right gear for your outdoor needs is serious stuff.

So where do you start? If you're flying across several continents to scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef or ride a camel in the Sahara a professional outfitter can supply your gear. But if you're road tripping across the country or sailing close to home on the Great Lakes, owning your own gear is as essential to the outdoor adventure lifestyle as nature, sky and fresh air.

Gathering gear isn't about imitating the intrepid James Bond or owning the latest gadgets. It's about comfort, safety and peace of mind. The fanciest GPS system in the world won't get you out of the woods if your boots are crippling you or your backpack implodes. Sailors need a reliable radio, but a mayday call won't keep you afloat should you capsize. Knowing what you need and getting the best model for your particular travel style will keep you from blowing a gasket when you're miles from help.

Whether you're on a girlfriend getaway, a sensuous sojourn or kicking back with kin, the adventure begins with exploring retail territory. Start with a virtual browse of our Nomadik Outdoor Outfitter's Store. Surf our gear pages and the Nomadik Outdoor Outfitter. Keep on top of the latest outdoor trends by signing up for your Nomadik RSS feeds. Whether room service means gourmet meals at a five-star lodge or fresh fish cooked on an open fire, whether you're a brand shopper or a bargain hunter – Nomadik has it all.

No matter what your Nomadik niche, we give you the dirt on what you need, why you need it and how to get it. Our field experts dismantle the science behind the gear, which helps you make an informed purchase. And anything that helps you spend less time shopping and more time doing what you love is good news in our books.

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