Mid-Weight Hiking Boots

Durability & strength for more advanced terrain

Mid-weight hiking boots may mean different things to different people as it is quite a versatile category of boot. These boots are often called hiking boots or backpacking boots as they are ideal to use in many situations from day hiking and backpacking to trekking or more challenging uses.

These boots are generally designed for carrying backpacks that weigh 35 pounds and less. As the name suggests, these are your middle of the road hiking boots as they fall between the lightweight hiking boots and heavyweight categories, but there's nothing middle of the road about their quality and usefulness.

Mid-weight hiking boots are built to provide you with more traction, more support, and more cushioning than trail shoes, and they are meant for slightly longer hiking trips on easy to semi-rugged terrain, including rocky hills. They're not meant for the roughest and toughest hiking trips, but they will support your feet comfortably on a day hike and on a weekend back-packing trip.

Mid-weight hiking boots are usually made of hard leather and other sturdy materials such as Cordura nylon. The leather uppers are often waterproof or water repellent. The linings are usually made of Gore-Tex or Gore-Tex inserts to help keep your feet dry and comfortable while hiking in wet conditions. Some boots have added support and most of them have polyurethane midsoles. The tongues are usually fully padded and gusseted for top foot protection and to help keep out debris along the trail. Some tongues may even be designed for ventilation purposes.

Some models come with toe protection and foam footbeds, and some models have padded ankle collars and antibacterial linings and/or footbeds to help fight off odors. Thermoplastic supports for torsional control and stability are also common as are shock absorbent insoles.

Just about every model of mid-weight hiking boots comes with rubber soles, and specifically Vibram rubber soles. Now whoever invented this type of rubber sole is making a killing because they're on the bottom of nearly every type of hiking boot out there. The company obviously makes an excellent product as it produces over 32 million pairs of soles a year for over a thousand footwear brands all over the world. These soles are designed for excellent traction on just about every type of terrain and in all weather conditions. While some people find the soles of mid weight boots to be less flexible than lightweight hiking boots, mid-weight boots usually offer more ankle support.

Mid-weight hiking boots are made in men's and women's models and they are available in various sizes, weights, designs, styles, colors and materials.

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