Hilleberg Jannu Tent

The Hilleberg Jannu is a freestanding two person tent that's designed for room, strength and easy setup. Because the tent is ideal for all weather conditions it's popular with climbers, mountaineers, skiers, and hikers and due to its size and construction, the Jannu is made to be pitched in tight and narrow areas. The tent has a large vestibule for gear storage, and the asymmetrical outer door lets you enter and exit from the side and the end of the tent. The tent has vents for air circulation and guy lines on the outer cover are designed to keep the tent stable in strong winds and snowfalls.


  • Sleeping capacity - Two
  • Average minimum weight - 5 lbs. 8 oz. based on tent, rainfly and poles only
  • Average packaged weight - 6 lbs. 3 oz.
  • Length by width floor dimensions - 92.5 x 57 inches
  • Floor area - 36.6 square feet
  • Maximum interior height - 40 inches
  • Vestibule area - 13 square feet
  • Tent doors - One
  • Canopy material - Kerlon 1800 fabric
  • Number of tent poles - Three
  • Pole diameter - 9.0 millimeters
  • Pole material - Aluminum


  • Outer tent is made of Keron 1200 material
  • Inner tent is water repellent and venting nylon
  • Light weight ground sheet with PU coating and high bathtub-style sides
  • Asymmetric entrance lets you access the tent from the side and the front
  • Hook and ring keep the outer tent zipper secured
  • Linked inner and outer tent can be taken apart for separate use
  • Self-supporting structure
  • Loops for attachment of clothes line and four inner pockets for storage
  • Inner tent door is backed with no-see-um mesh
  • One large, adjustable vent located high in the roof for a chimney effect
  • Large cover keeps the vents protected from the elements
  • Pole attachment with clips for easy and quick setup
  • Adjustable peg loops
  • Guy line attachments on can be wound around poles for added strength
  • Roof cover guy lines add stability to the tent
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