Warm Weather Tents

A cure for the summertime blues

If you like to snooze out underneath the stars you have a lot of sleeping options to choose from. You could sleep outside in just a sleeping bag , or you could use a tarp or a shelter to keep yourself protected. However, if you want to enjoy the hot summer nights under the stars in comfort - without the insects eating you alive - you should get yourself a warm weather tent, which is also known as a summer tent or a two season tent.

These tents are designed for use in warm conditions and also in dry climates. However some models also come with rainflys to keep you dry. A warm weather tent is designed to keep you cool and comfortable in the hot and humid conditions, so they need to be well ventilated. Most of these tents are built with a lot of mesh panels and vents for good air flow. A lot of them also have mesh roofs and doors, and most bug tents are completely made out of mesh - except for the floors.

Warm weather tents are generally very lightweight and compact, which makes them easy to carry around. However there are some fine family tents that are basically warm weather models. Warm weather tents are generally less weatherproof than three-season tents and four-season tents, and they usually don't come with as many features.

Summer tents are intended to be used on their own, and as inserts to other tent canopies. This means you can use them as tents in the summer, and then when the weather turns cooler you can use them as mesh inserts underneath a tent canopy to keep the bugs out.

Most small warm weather tents are pretty easy to setup as they don't use many poles. In fact, some models can be pitched using canoe paddles and trekking poles, and you can even suspend some of them from tree branches as shelters. They usually are pretty spacious and inexpensive.

Remember what these tents are designed for, and don't take a chance by using a summer tent in damp and cold mountainous regions - you'll probably regret it! Warm weather tents come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles, colors and materials.

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