Silva Digital Compass

Digital technology and the evolution of navigation

The Silva Nomad digital compass is an innovative and advanced navigational instrument, which uses digital technology to enhance the experiences of those who live their lives in the outdoors.

One of the defining features of the Silva Nomad digital compass is that an outdoor-life enthusiast can pre-set a desired course or route to a specific destination. The Silva Nomad stores the information and, if the outdoor-life enthusiast is meandering off the set course, the Nomad will alert the enthusiast to their mistake and indicate which way they must go to get back on the desired route. The Nomad allows the user to correctly follow the same course back to their original location without having to enter any further information.

The Silva Nomad also offers clear back-lighting, which makes it easier to navigate during the night time. ( Note: All responsible outdoor-life enthusiasts should know the basics of navigation and not just rely on a piece of digital technology to get you where you want to go.)

Other features that make the Silva Nomad a really good digital compass include automatic adjustment for magnetic variations, a lithium-ion battery which provides approximately 500 hours of power, a low battery indicator, and neck and wristband accessories that make carrying the Silva Nomad effortless and easy to grab. For those more technically minded individuals, the Silva Nomad weighs 86 grams, has a 9cm x 5.8 dimensional scale, and offers 1 degree of resolution.

The Silva Nomad lives up to its name, Nomad. The term nomad can be defined as: somebody who wanders from place to place, or a member of a people who move seasonally from place to place to search for food and water or pasture for their livestock. This name is befitting as the Silva Nomad has been calibrated to be used anywhere in the world. Moreover, the people that generally use the Silva Nomad could be termed nomads themselves, wandering from place to place, season to season, enjoying the great outdoors and the various environments our world has to offer. It is no wonder many backcountry adventurers, mountaineers, and avid outdoor enthusiasts choose to use the Silva Nomad for their nomadic purposes.

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