National Parks of Canada and the United States

Weaving through our natural history

Together, Canada and the United States cover more than 12 million square miles (19 million square km). Unlike anywhere else in the world, mountains, valleys, prairies, glaciers and volcanoes live magnificently side-by-side. And populating this sundry and unique landscape is a cultural oasis, home to a multitude of diverse ethnic groups striving to live together.

The national parks in both Canada and the United States preserve and protect the natural treasures of the land - the history and culture that still shape our lives today. Maintained by federal governments, they are sanctuaries for us all and protected for future generations. They've existed for well over a century in both countries and are frequented by families, outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking respite from our fast-paced society. Time spent in these parks reminds visitors of the natural beauty that frames our countries.

The Nomadik Team is proud to introduce James W. Coates, field correspondent, intrepid traveler and national park expert. James believes that the more connected we are by technology, the more we'll look for escape routes. And escaping to a national park sounds pretty good to us.

Born in Canada, James brings a global perspective to outdoor adventures. By eight years old, James had already lived in three Canadian provinces and had criss-crossed the country twice with his parents. By the time he was 17, the independent travel bug had caught him and he decided to take his travels further a field - a small village in Togo, Africa.

He's lived in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam and Parakou, Benin. He's scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, walked the Great Wall of China, climbed mountains in Asia, paraglided in Mexico, hiked volcanoes in Hawaii and crossed a desert on camel in India.

James spends his free time (when he's not writing for Nomadik) roaming national parks, discovering the unique and the exotic. While it takes very little money to travel this way, time and patience and the willingness to push his own personal limits are his hard-earned currency.

Follow James as he canoes in Kouchibouguac, treks across glaciers in British Columbia and dives in the Fathom Five Marine Park in Ontario.

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