Trail Mix

How do we help people get outside and enjoy life? By practicing what we preach! Our team of intrepid outdoor enthusiasts spend more time trekking through the wilderness than they do in cubicles. Quite frankly, we don't think there's another travel company around that has this much current, hands-on outdoor experience.

The Nomadik Fanatik team is outspoken on the importance of being aware of the planet's needs through a global lens. Our community blog explores the world in all its quirky and raw beauty, which is the only way we believe we can live responsibly and in harmony with nature.

Our wanderings help us build informative articles, contests and fun activities to keep our readers coming back. Because our web site is written for outdoor enthusiasts (not just armchair adventurists), you get the information you need fast so you can get outside too.

Nomadik Fanatik Team

Julia Rosien

Editor Julia Rosien began her travel writing apprenticeship as a child. Her fondest memories involve stale cheesies, flat orange pop and squabbling with her brothers in the backseat of a station wagon. Former senior editor of a national pregnancy magazine and correspondent for newspapers like the Boston Globe and Chicago Sun-Times, Julia has visited every Canadian province and almost every American state. She's as comfortable submitting to Watsu therapy as she is revving her ATV for mucky trek through the Northern Ontario or soaring above the Rio Grande in a hot air balloon.

While Julia leaves extreme adventuring to her intrepid travel cohorts, she'll do just about anything to experience a story for her readers. Especially when she's rewarded with a spa treatment at the end of the trek.

Charmian Christie

A member of the Nomadik Fanatik Community, Charmian Christie, has traveled widely throughout North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Although she feels at home in the big city, sipping cappuccinos, she's game for almost any outdoor adventure. But her willingness to embrace new experiences sometimes lands her in trouble. With Murphy as her sidekick maybe she shouldn't be so willing to hang glide off Australian cliffs.

Armed with a healthy dose of naivety and a sense of direction that has launched at least one search party, her travel tales will make even those new to outdoor adventures feel good about themselves.

James W. Coates

A member of the Nomadik Fanatik Community, James W. Coates has climbed, camped and paddled his way across North America, Asia, Africa and Europe. By eight years old, he had already criss-crossed Canada twice. By 17 he had taken up residence in a mud hut in a small village in Africa. A true backpacker, he's as comfortable navigating the streets of cosmopolitan cities as he is slogging through backcountry wilderness.

With an urgency to experience everything the world can throw at him, James believes in trying everything once. He lives by the motto of jumping in feet first and asking questions later.

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