Let's Go RVing

Why it's so great

RVing is the ultimate cliché for the "best of both worlds." You can enjoy pristine wilderness and not have to go without a warm shower and comfortable bed. While camping can leave a crick in your back, RVing provides shelter, comfort and can still take you far from the madding crowd. Unless you want to join other RVers, in which case you'll have a ready-made community to welcome you, give you tips on local attractions and a few warnings about which roads are RV-friendly and which aren't.

Whether you're retired, have a young family or are simply tired of fighting crowds at trendy tourist spots, RVing can be your home-made dream vacation. You pick the destination, map the route and plan as many or as few stops along the way as you like. You won't be restricted to a pre-planned tour and can stop at the quirky little places most guides won't give the time of day.

Want to stop at the Jell-O Museum in LeRoy, NY? Go ahead! Does Baltimore's Museum of Dentistry turn your crank? Feel free to linger as long as you like. There's no one watching the clock or herding you back on a bus. Prefer the Weeki Wachee Mermaids to Disney? They're yours for the taking.

Freedom You Can Afford

Even with gas prices on the rise, RVing remains a bargain. Cruise companies and airlines raise their fees every time gas jumps, but they won't give you anything extra for the fee hike. In fact, many airlines are cutting back on meals and government regulations restrict what you can take on the flight. Imagine six hours in a seat without a book or a bottle of water? That doesn't happen when you're the captain of your cross-country road trip.

RVs give you all the comfort of home with the mobility of a car - although you won't be limited to trunk space. Ingeniously designed, RVs offer more storage than the average bedroom and can provide the proverbial home away from home - showers, stoves, beds and heat. Even the kitchen sink. Want to bring Fido? No restrictions on pets, either.

For the travel adventure that suits you and your family, RVs give you the freedom to roam with the comforts of home - with or without the buffalo.

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