Skiing and Snowboarding - Overview

Gliding through nature

Whether it's hardcore heli-skiing or carving your own trail through uncharted territory, winter is all about the pulsing of skis for cold-weather enthusiasts. And since skiing appeals to all generations and styles - cross-country skiing, alpine or downhill skiing, telemark skiing or snowboarding - your snow hobby is as individual as you are. So what are you waiting for? Take the plunge from channel surfing to snow surfing this winter, and let Nomadik be your guide.

  • Cross-country Skiing - The grandfather of all ski sports, but don't think of this sport as a geriatric buzzkill - cross-country skiing may just be the best all-body workout around. Free natural scenery is but an added bonus.
  • Alpine Skiing - Tackle the roughest of black diamonds or hop over to the bunny slopes. Downhill skiing can be a full-on adrenaline rush to the bottom of the hill, or an easy descent. Best known for its speed and wild antics, alpine skiing also makes for some great family fun.
  • Telemark Skiing - Remember Hercules? Strap some skis onto that image and you have telemark skiing. While telemarking can be compared to self-induced torture, it also provides the best backcountry workout at its highest level.
  • Snowboarding - The rebel of the ski family has grown from a fringe sport of freestyle contortionists to a respected alpine art form. While snowboarding is trickier than skiing, it's plowing over the ski world with no sign of abating.
  • Heli-skiing - Urged on by a constant craving to do things bigger, better and badder, extreme skiers have taken to the skies. Plummeting onto mountains from dizzying heights, these ski slaves cut their own way down the mountain. Part adventure, part nightmare - 100% extreme skiing.

Whether you want go downhill - fast - or glide through the wilderness, skiing is the best way to get outside during the cold winter months. We love that skiing doesn't have to be a one-size-fits-all sport and that anyone at any age can do it. Brat packs filled with two and three year olds to septuagenarians and everyone in between call this sport their own. And who can resist the chance to wake up nature as she sleeps under a blanket of clean, white snow. Go ahead. Strap yourself on and carve out your own outdoor mountain adventure.

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